Below I mention some in progress drawings; Above is a sneak peak of said drawings. To the left is HB James Starks, #44 of the Green Bay Packers, and to the right is former Wisconsin Badger, DE J.J. Watt, #99 of the Houston Texans.

I just relocated from Wisconsin to Florida a while back. Hence my new Miami Dolphin drawings. Anyway. About a half an hour ago my girlfriend called from work. I relayed what I’ve been up to (drawing) and how excited I am for potboyler (almost very).

After the last Clay Matthews drawing, I completed the pencils for Jarrett Boykin and Vince Young. That was last December, when I moved down to Florida. In February I returned to drawing, penciling and inking the five Dolphins. Then I took another six month long break from inking, during which I penciled a handful of guys. During this time, I also penciled and inked a Richard Sherman I have yet to update here on potboyler with.

I have seven penciled players, and an eighth I am about to finish tonight. After I get them all inked, I’ll have loads of players to update potboyler with.

The last two I inked were the Jarrett Boykin (which you can see to the right of here in my twitter feed) and Vince Young. My inking is now better than it’s ever been. I’m excited to move forward, as an artist.

Anyway, the penciled guys I have to get inked and scanned in and all are, in order, Arian Foster 001, Oliver Vernon 002, Chad Johnson 001, Adrian Peterson 001, James Starks 001, Chad Johnson 001, J.J. Watt 001, Arian Foster 002, and Reggie Bush 001.