So I haven’t been updating potboyler very much over the last few months. The main reason being as I’ve been working on so many different projects. I have a *TON* of football player drawings I have to get copies of and color in. I’ve also got three sheets of paper, three players on each. The players are Dontari Poe, Gerald McCoy, Jonas Gray, Jadeveon Clowney, Allen Robinson, and Marshawn Lynch. I penciled the Marshawn before his lame interview during Superbowl week where he said the same thing over and over. Since I penciled him, I am going to finish inking it eventually, but it’ll be the first and last drawing of “Beast Mode” I’ll ever do. The Allen Robinson and Gerald McCoy I did mainly because I now live in Florida. So the more Florida football players I have, the merrier. Clowney, because I’m somewhat a Houston Texan fan, and Dontari Poe, because I think the guy’s awesome.

The next three I started penciling were three Packers rookies: Jake Ryan, Brett Hundley, and Ty Montgomery.

I have also been working on a women’s college basketball player, Jazmine Davis.

I’m sitting here watching the Chicago Bulls – Cleveland Cavaliers game six in Chicago. I started drawing Packers because they were my favorite team growing up. But I quickly realized to branch out as far as I can physically go, I’ll have to draw every NFL team eventually. And I also plan on branching out to other sports.

I sent a package of my drawings to the Green Bay Packers organization and I just received it back along with a letter. It was just a generic letter explaining how because they get so many game, art, ideas from so many fans, they cannot accept any unsolicited submissions. So I either need an agent, I gotta have the right connections, or I gotta figure out how to become solicited. Kinda clueless as how to go about doing that.

Any way… I tweeted a drawing to Jarrett Boykin, who is no longer a Packer. He favorited it, but I need more recognition, more publicity. Hopefully eventually I’ll get a job for a professional football organization drawing players. Eventually. So any way…

Because I’ve got so many projects going on, don’t expect any updates any time soon. But when I do get around to getting back on here and relaunching it, I promise to stick around. I’m still getting the hang of this internet thing, so bear with me.