I am in the long process of relaunching this website, so bear with me.

I’m going to totally redo it, the navigation, I’m getting rid of comicpress, since this isn’t really a ‘comic’ website and I’m going to promote it more as a blog / art website.

Right now I am in the process of coloring in most of my older drawings / potboylers, the first ones I’ll be updating on this website. I am also in the process of hand-coloring certain players (Peyton Manning of the Broncos, Allen Robinson of the Jaguars, Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks, and hopefully soon numerous Green Bay Packers) that I’ll sell on ebay… Ebay, until a better shop shows itself to me. These players I am hand coloring prints, and will sign and number them by their jersey number. I will color all uniform combinations; IE For James Starks, #44 of the Green Bay Packers, I’ll hand-color two sets of signed, numbered to 44 prints; The first 44 being yellow pants, yellow helmet, and green jersey, and the second being the yellow pants, yellow helmet, and white jersey. Other teams (Seahawks, Buccaneers, Texans) have *many* more outfit combinations than other certain teams (Packers, Lions)… So that, combined with whichever number the player wears (a #1 Warren Moon or Cam Newton will be numbered 1/1, whereas a #99 J.J. Watt will have 99 copies, and a #92 Dontari Poe will have 92 copies) will result in certain players worth so much, and others worth much less.

I toyed with the idea my girlfriend suggested, of just numbering every player to #25. That was tempting, but I just love the idea of numbering players by their jersey number… So a number #3 Joey Harrington, who ultimately failed for the Detroit Lions might be worth more per drawing, than a #99 J.J. Watt, who is MUCH more popular, and has many more fans currently… But his high number of 99, combined with the number of outfit combinations the Texans wear (6 or 7?) will devalue his pictures, in proportion to said Joey Harrington… Who I have yet to draw. Just an FYI.

I’m also readily accepting suggestions on who to draw.. Just send an email to potboyler AT gmail DOT com. Thanks, all, and please keep checking back! Within a couple of months now, Potboyler should be up and running. I’ll be adding the drawings as I get them done, starting probably a week from now… But hopefully two months from now, every drawing will be up. The different colored combinations may take a bit longer, but I’ll be working on it. Peace.

I’m planning on launching