Downtown, Appleton. 11-9-13

Saturday night, my friend and I went downtown bar hopping with a stack of colored in and cut out Packer drawings. We were planning on taping them up around random bars, which we did, but that Sunday the Packers played the visiting Philadelphia Eagles. Downtown was chock full of Eagles fans.

In the Radisson Hotel, we saw a couple of Eagles there signing and taking pictures with fans. We each went into the bathroom and taped up a picture. One bar was full of Eagles fans, but we saw one Packer fan so my friend walked up to him and handed him a Packer drawing. She commented on how he was the only Packer fan in the place, so here’s a free drawing my friend did. He basically grunted and didn’t do a thing so my friend walked away. But we did have a couple of cool encounters.

A younger guy walked up to the bar to get some drinks, and we started talking about the game. ‘It’ll be fine,’ he says, ‘This week Seneca Wallace finally got reps with the first string offense. Now he’s used to the system, so he should do all right.’ My friend pulled out a B.J. Raji drawing, and handed it to him. He exclaimed, ‘B.J. RAJI! That’s my boy!’ and started doing a Raji dance. It’s times like these I love.

Before leaving, I noticed an older guy with white hair and a Packer hat. I pointed him out to my friend, and said he might enjoy a Ray Nitschke drawing. She walked up to him, talked for a moment, then took out the Nitschke drawing, and asked if he knew who that was. He replied with Ray Nitschke. My friend explained how her friend is an artist, and we’d like him to have that drawing. After she walked away, back to me at the bar, he was still holding the drawing for the entire time; The next few minutes. After a moment, he walked out of the bar, waving to my friend, and thanking her for the drawing. He really appreciated it, and it’s times like this I love being an artist.