The first image on Potboyler, but not the *original* first football player drawing I’ve done. This is a redraw of the first one.

I first started drawing football players this time around in the fall of 2013. At first I used an ultra fine tip Sharpie permanent marker. I drew this picture of Aaron Rodgers and the second picture I’ll post of Clay Matthews. After looking at my artwork for a moment, I thought they’d look better colored in with a yellow permanent marker. Without thinking, I did that. And the originals, I posted up on a couple of different lockers at my place of work.

I used to work at this place that employs mentally disabled people. I saw this one guy with an Aaron Rodgers jersey, so one day at work I taped that original, colored in with yellow drawing of Aaron Rodgers. I saw a sticker of Clay Matthews on another locker so that’s where my original Clay Matthews ended up.

That guy never knew I was the one who drew it, and he never took it down. It sat on his locker for a couple of weeks, under the other stickers he had on his locker, until one day he added another sticker just below the Aaron Rodgers drawing. That made my day. It was his acknowledgement of it, and his way of saying, ‘thanks,’ to a random anonymous guy. My goal was to print off copies of every additional Packers drawing I did, and post them all on his locker in different places. That never came to fruition, as the bullshit at work went to my head, and my friend and I decided to relocate to Florida.

After contemplating it, I decided I’d draw multiple Packers (either 2 or 3) on a single 8 and a half by 11 sheet of paper. Then I’d go to wherever and get a bunch of copies, and then color in the copies. The copies, I’d write out a quick ‘’ logo, and post these drawings randomly around town with the hope of attracting new viewers. Anyway.

That said, here’s the second redraw of the original Aaron Rodgers drawing.