So this is what I was doing for quite a while up in Wisconsin: Drawing these Packers players with an ultra point permanent marker, making a handful of copies illegally at work, and then coloring in the yellow parts of their outfits with a yellow permanent marker. Just the yellow color adds quite a bit to it, but eventually I’d find some other Prismacolor markers with the right colors of a skin tone, grass, blood, etc.

The single color added to it also reminded me of Sin City, but I don’t think I copied Frank Miller… Maybe a little bit.

And on a last note, I haven’t realized this for ages, but after coloring in this one once, I realized I messed up the stripes on the neck of his jersey. Those stripes are supposed to be the same as his sleeve: Green, thin white, yellow, thin white, and green again. Instead I colored in a couple of stripes that’d be light, either white or yellow. So I just colored in part of it yellow, hoping nobody would notice. Oh well.