The third Potboyler drawing, B.J. Raji. After I completed it, I realized he could have been a little thicker. I didn’t really portray his massive girth. After realizing that, I started a new B.J. Raji drawing, which I have since stopped working on. Usually if it’s been more than a month since working on a drawing, I just give up on it. My skills have increased so much so that I now feel like I’m better than when I first started it. Maybe eventually I’ll finish it, or just start a new version of it. Anyway.

Also, I particularly like the ‘9’ on Raji’s left shoulder (our right), and the ‘0’ on his right. I didn’t connect a part of the ‘0,’ but instead left it unconnected to seem more realistic, as if the light was hitting his shoulder at a right angle or whatever.

That said, his eyes don’t totally line up and I don’t really like his mouth. I’m not sure if he had a mouth guard on during that game, or if he was just smiling and I slightly smudged up his mouth. Either way, whenever I color the drawing, I never know what color to use for his mouth, so I just leave it white, as if they are teeth. Oh well. Better luck next time.