At Wal Marts in Wisconsin, if you go in there in the middle of the night, all the workers crowd around the T.V.’s while the T.V.’s are playing old Packer highlights. You’ll see them standing there every time you walk by the T.V.s, as the workers are on their way to the bathroom, or the breakroom, or to lunch, or back from lunch, whatever.

As I worked nights at Wal Mart for a while, I gathered around a T.V. playing a Packers Superbowl run dvd set, and commented to a coworker I’ve previously talked to about the Packers, when I said, ‘Well, there’s B.J. Raji’s touchdown for his career.’ The coworker said, ‘Nah, I see him making a fumble recovery in the endzone or something again.’ and I rethought my previous statement.

And now I’m thinking again. B.J. Raji, as depressing as it is, signed a one year deal with GB to “prove himself.” If he doesn’t, he might be gone next season. And if he does, he might be gone, too, for next season. On the plus side, he’s moving back to DT next season. Fits B.J. MUCH more than DE. Hmph. Who knows?