And my very first non Packer drawing is another in air pose from the best WR in the league today: Calvin Johnson.

All through growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it’s divided in half by Packer fans and Lions fans. Often, one brother will be a Packer fan and the other a Lion fan. It’s that divided. The Upper Peninsula is connected closer to Wisconsin than the lower peninsula of Michigan, but it’s technically Michigan. Therefor there’s about the same number of Lions fans as Packer fans.

However, growing up, most kids LOVED one team and HATED the other. The Packers have always have a bigger rivalry with the Bears than with the Lions, but not in the Upper Peninsula. There it’s all diehard Packer fans who hate the Lions and vice versa. Growing up, I hated Detroit but appreciated the best RB of all time: Barry Sanders. I’ll have to draw him up eventually.

Growing up, I’ve actually become something of a Lions fan, especially when U.P. native Steve Mariucci went to Detroit, for an albeit uneventful run.

I think Detroit’s now maybe my third favorite team, behind GB and Houston. Also, living in south Florida now, Miami is probably in the top five. Tampa Bay still sucks though, thanks to their new uniforms.