The main reason I drew this one is because I was excited when Cedric Benson came to Green Bay. I knew it might not have turned into much, but I was still excited. During the 2005 draft, I was excited to see him go to Chicago. He actually cried on stage, and they mentioned how the last RB Chicago drafted with the fourth overall pick was Walter Payton. Way to give a guy some false high hopes.

I saw a video on him, and was almost brought to tears, myself. He was drafted high, he had a good offense, a good Chicago team, and all the stars were aligning. Then he held out. You can’t blame him, his agent, or the team. Granted, I know basically nothing of the situation, but yeah. From what I’ve heard, it was just a bad situation. By the time he returned to the Bears, he played a bit, and then got injured. The RB behind him took off, and thus begins his uneventful career.

And I think of all the stars for GB or my second favorite team, the Detroit Lions, who *could have* or *should have* made it. Detroit took three wide receivers with a top ten pick in a row. Charles Rogers (or was it Rodgers? I think not) looked amazing. He got injured his first year, then his second year, then eventually he turned into nothing. So sad. He had some highlights in the preseason that made him look just *AMAZING*. Roy Williams was almost awesome. And Mike Williams, I thought would be awesome. Draft three busts in the first round of the draft, three years in a row, and look what happens: You’re still rebuilding.

When Green Bay signed Vince Young, I was excited for him to back up Aaron Rodgers. Instead he got released during the preseason. Hell, I can go back even further. When Green Bay signed Tim Couch to back up Brett Favre, I was excited. And only God knows how good Johnathan Franklin could have been. The sad unfortunate part of the NFL.