Second of the original two redraws. I messed up the feet on the first few of my drawings because I just didn’t feel like drawing them. That and I read in an interview with Hellboy’s creator, Mike Mignola, how he never draws his characters’ feet. He’d always hide them in shadows or something. I found that pretty cool. Anyway.

I can’t tell which I like better, the Aaron Rodgers or this Clay Matthews. I think they’re pretty much the same quality. I do like the dots on the legs, and I do eventually use the dots much more often. The one thing I do like more about the Clay Matthews is the intensity of it. He looks freaked.

A last side thought, the Clay picture I drew from for this drawing had his hair looking pretty bad. It was all flung back, not resting down in the front of his jersey. You wouldn’t have known he had long hair. So I found another picture that shows his hair like this here, and used that image to draw from for the hair alone. It came out pretty convincing, in my opinion. Anyway. Cheers.