I started penciling the Calvin Johnson at first, then took a break. Then I finished it, and added in the previous Clay Matthews and this one on the same page. I drew both Clay Mathews kind of at the same time.

And the real reason I did two Clay Matthews back to back is in order to title this one by his real name, ‘Clay Matthews the Third.’ The next Clay Matthews will revert back to the normal titling of, ‘Clay Matthews 004.’ And on a side note, I actually want to draw another Clay Matthews sooner rather than later. Maybe I’ll draw three Packers LB’s on the same 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper: Clay Matthews, A.J. Hawk (who I’ve been searching for an adequate image for forever now) and their newly signed Julius Peppers. We’ll see.

And one thing I noticed with the previous Calvin Johnson drawing, is I can ink players to color in their shirts in different colors. I started shading in the Packers green, but if I ink them the same, I can set it up to ink a drawing, and color it in multiple ways.

That Calvin Johnson, I noticed, works perfectly for a white jersey Calvin Johnson and one with a blue jersey.

That said, I’m now going to start inking my players so I can color them however I want.