This will probably be, forever, my least favorite Potboyler drawing. I drew it just after Green Bay drafted Eddie Lacy in the 2013 NFL Draft. I was so pumped for Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin joining the Packers that I wanted to draw one of them. The catch was, when I drew it, there were only training camp pictures of Eddie Lacy wearing shorts. I had to solve that problem.

Topps, the football card company does this thing I absolutely hate. If they put out a set in an offseason when a player changes teams, what they do is find an image of the player in his old outfit, go into photoshop (or MSPaint, since that’s what it looks like), and change the colors of the outfit and add in the logos of the new team, change the player’s number, etc. It looks like absolute shit because they never get it perfectly right. Other teams just mention on the back of the card, that this player changed teams, and he’s now with the Texans, rather than the Packers, or whatever. The image will show him as a Packer, but the card will say how he was traded, or whatever. Oh well.

So I googled an image of Eddie Lacy during his college years in Alabama. He wore the number 42, so I had to change that to 27, and also update his outfit to look as though he’s playing for the Packers. It’s good enough, but a very well trained eye will notice the subtleties.

The numbers don’t look exactly right, especially on his chest, and the stripes on his shoulders look off. The helmet look good. I will eventually post a new drawing of Eddie Lacy of his time with GB, which looks much better, but I still prefer this helmet to that one. I’m proud of this helmet. But the biggest giveaway are his calves. In the modern NFL era, you almost never see a football player’s bare calves; They’re almost always covered by their socks. In college and high school, this happens much more frequently. I don’t know why, but that’s just the way it is. Maybe the NFL can afford good high quality socks that stay pulled up, or their players wear a second sock underneath the top one to at least keep the color there. Who knows? Either way, that’s why I hate this drawing.

Also, the stripes down his legs are much too narrow to be Packer stripes. You’ll notice this when I get around to posting ‘Eddie Lacy 002,’ which I actually drew pretty soon after drawing this one. Anyway.

*UPATE* After looking at the picture of him in his Alabama colors, I realized I added in his dreadlocks, I think I found from a picture of him in his Packer practice outfit. After looking at it a bit, I think I did a pretty good job of adding in his dreadlocks. They look decent enough.