I am a starving artist currently working for $8.50 an hour (as of 11-12-13). Any kind of help is VERY much appreciated. I have three main ideas of the kind of help I need. If you can think of any others, definitely let me know.

Commissions is pretty self explanatory. You give me money, I give you art. I can do a quick ten second sketch for cheap, or a long hundred hour intricate drawing for lots of money. Contact me at potboyler at gmail dot com for info.

Help Spread the Word. What do artists need to make money? They need rich or poor quick spending people to sell their art to. If you don’t have any money, you can help me by telling other people who might have money about me. When I first launched Potboyler, I printed off lots of copies of my drawing, colored them in, and cut them out. Then I went out on the streets at night and taped up as many drawings as I can. People seeing my drawings helps me out. If you can, spread the word and get people to buy drawings from me. Income leads to me drawing more drawings.

Heck, print out a bunch of my drawings, then do what I do: Color them in, cut them out, and post them up anywhere. Inside malls, on the back of street signs, on pedestrian walk signals; Anywhere people will see them. Just don’t tape them up naughtily. If you get in trouble for taping them onto somebody’s car, a wall whose paint may chip, or on the back of a police car, that’s your problem. Not mine. So stay in the legal manner. Also put them up where people will see them, where people will look. On a train wouldn’t work, since so few people look at trains up close.

Lastly, do what my friend does. My friend loves people and she’s very good at talking to and relating to people. I’m not. I hate people. So what she does for me, is she takes a drawing of mine, goes up to a random stranger, and strikes up a conversation. Then she gives the drawing to the stranger. If you have a Clay Matthews drawing of mine on you, and you see somebody wearing a Clay Matthews jersey, walk up to him and hand him one. You’ll make his day. I keep stories of these chance encounters in my About section of the site.

Business Owners is a bit different. Going back to my previous paragraph, I went around posting up copies of my drawings. Copies aren’t worth much, but if you own a bar, an ice cream parlor, a hair salon, or anywhere people like to sit around staring at things, post up a few prints of my drawings. Ask me and I’ll send you some. Or ask for a stack, you can buy some from me for cheap, and resell them for more. Or ask me about my originals. We can pitch in, frame them, and put them up on the walls in your business. If somebody chooses to buy one, we can split the profit.